Ideal for: Corporate entertainment, meet and greet, markets, trade shows, festivals and street theatre events, high streets, shopping centres.
A modern take on the old British tradition of portraits into which your own face can be inserted. Each FaceSpace (as we have named our genre) is hand painted from our own designs and full of great characters and beautiful comic detail that reflect our modern times. They look fantastic and provide great set dressing for your event but are also spectacularly popular with members of the public and remain up all day.

Probably the best part though is the public reaction. Everyone knows how they work and people get involved straight away regardless of age. They make their own fun and as everyone now has a camera, they get great images to take home with them from your event. All of this with very little fuss for the booker involved.

FaceSpaces can be hired individually or as a set and are available at a discounted price if booked alongside another Fair Play act.  There are many different types to suit all themes and occasions.

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