Ideal for: Corporate entertainment, meet and greet, markets, trade shows, festivals and street theatre events, high streets, shopping centres.
Having just concluded a spell in pyramid selling (they were deported from Egypt), these loveable East End rogues have returned with their eye on the main chance.
With a background in executive car acquisition ('somebody else's dream car could be yours!') and a nice little line in last night’s hot tickets, our two wide boys are equally at home in the worlds of corporate entertainment or street theatre.

Travelling in their own miniature cars and with replica car lots sewn into their jackets, Ron and Don will cause a hilarious stir with their multitude of deals and stories.
So book now and you have got yourself a guaranteed winner!!!

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‘Superbly hilarious! A must for any event.’
Kelli Dopson, (East London) Borough Council of Barking and Dagenham