Lenny Stobart caricaturist installation
Ideal for: Corporate entertainment, meet and greet, markets, trade shows, festivals and street theatre events, high streets, shopping centres.
Lenny Stobart Caricaturist. He's the big character behind the caricatures, eagerly awaiting the chance to draw you in and draw you. But be prepared, Lenny is an artist searching for 'the truth', so you'll be sketched warts and all!

In a 5 minute session the subject is not only immortalised but also exposed to the hilarious musings of his art-sodden brain which broadcast out to the crowd gathered around.

On a footnote Lenny DOES NOT DRAW CHILDREN. They are too pretty and boring and never sit still. But children are encouraged to bring their parents who are generally old, ugly and interesting, and the kids laugh their socks off at the results!

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Photo: Lenny Stobart caricaturist installation